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Sophie makes collages and sculptures using hand created paper materials that are usually made alongside her two young children. More often than not her children's mini masterpieces also become part of the work. Their discarded drawings, doodles, scribbles and cuttings. The vibrant slices and snippets of paper become woven into the bigger art work that Sophie creates. Whether sculpture, collage or other, Sophie explores the stigmas and difficulties surrounding Motherhood, Identity and Mental Health.


Sophie first started focusing on this way of working when recovering from postnatal depression. Art has always been Sophie's safety net &  therapist since she was a child, so this process of creating with her wee ones was a route to recovery.


"My two wild ones are happy to go nuts, get all arty and messy. At the same time I'm able to have time for my practice and freedom to experiment. It's win win, or juggle juggle!"🤹‍♀️ ~ Sophie


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