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For Glasgow Open House Art Festival

Glasgow's Kelvin Walkway through the eyes of Sophie & her young children. Love from Miss Wild  invites you to join them on one of their 'daily walks’. Visuals + snippets of conversation between a 5 year old and her mummy re-told into a little story.


Artwork & story created by Sophie & her two young children (in response to the Pandemic/lockdown) ~ Artists in isolation for Glasgow Open House Arts Festival 2021.

For Sophie, the repetition of this task during lockdown soon became ritualistic and a means of survival during the unexpected upheaval. The daily walk was a form of escapism away from the media bombardment of doom and gloom. This new routine allowed space for imagination and conversation to flow breaking up the monotony of homeschooling and was an opportunity for Sophie and her children to have fun and allow their imaginations to run wild.

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